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Front Range Training and Consulting, LLC, (FRTC) is a Colorado-based Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) established in 2003 by a retired U.S. Marine with considerable experience in the Special Operations (Force Reconnaissance) and U.S. Department of State Bureau of Diplomatic Security (ATA and MSG) community.

Since its inception, FRTC has shown tremendous growth coupled with numerous repeat customers. This growth and market capture is a direct result of FRTC’s unique philosophy in courseware development and delivery. FRTC is dedicated to the belief that training must be built on three basic concepts, it must be:

  • Meaningful – The training provided must be built upon principles that are relevant to the students; whether they are military or civilian law enforcement personnel.  Additionally, the training must be supported by current law and acceptable operating standards and all courseware, where applicable, must reflect current case law and credible statistics.  Furthermore, the training provided must be immediately applicable upon completion of the training.
  •  Effective – The training program will use adult learning principles first developed by Malcolm Knowles.  Adult learners comprehend differently than younger students. Training conducted for adults must resonate with them, and be executed at a pace conducive to assimilation. The accompanying courseware must support the training objectives and pace.  Range cards and practical exercises must be designed to reinforce the training and occur in a logical, thought-provoking, and effective order.  There can be no, “what do we do now?” discussions among the instructor staff in the classroom or in the practical application environment.  All training is pre-planned and executed in order to achieve the terminal performance objective.
  •  Sustainable – Too many times students attend courses where they receive worthwhile instruction; however, the student guide or handout is lacking and consists of nothing more than a condensed version of a Power Point presentation next to a few lines on which to take notes.  This practice does not support learning as it provides no comprehensive text, or student reference for recollection in the future.  All classroom and practical application instruction will be fully supported by a comprehensive and detailed Student and Instructor Guide that can be used as  reference both during and after the training.

FRTC’s courses have been delivered to scores of local, state, and federal law enforcement officers throughout the country. Our S.W.A.T. school has been used to stand up entire teams across the country, and is considered the preferred sustainment training vehicle for agencies in those states and others. Our Law Enforcement Explosive Entry Technician (EET) course is second to none. FRTC has delivered numerous EET courses throughout the U.S. for both the Department of Defense, and Law Enforcement agencies. These courses are in demand and routinely fill to capacity. A metropolitan Colorado Police Department uses the FRTC breaching program to recertify their SWAT breachers every three years, and another uses us to certify replacement breachers as needed. “Surgical Precision” is the watch phrase in this course as we strive to use the smallest amount of explosives to achieve a clean, positive breach.


Our firearms programs combine solid foundational skills training with current concepts in weapons handling to give the operator a strong, functioning skills set. As stand-alone training, these courses will take the skilled operator to the next level. Combined with other courses, they round out a tactical training package.  Using firearms training and live ranges as mechanisms for learning, our instructor level courses teach the Instructor Candidate the instructional methods and techniques needed for transferring knowledge and skills to their students.

USMC-Explosive-EntryFRTC has quickly and effectively demonstrated that we are a leader in the training industry.  FRTC has a long history of providing training for the U.S. Marine Corps.  FRTC was privileged to train the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion in explosive entry (EET) prior to their deployment into a combat theater.  We also provided Protective Services Detail (PSD) training to numerous Marine Expeditionary Units (MEUs).  Finally, FRTC provided Convoy Operations, PSD, and Advanced Marksmanship Training to the USMC Anti-Terrorism (AT) Battalion prior to their combat deployment.

As a global company, we recognize that we have a core responsibility to positively impact the communities in which we work and live. FRTC has designed and been involved in continuous delivery of armorers’ training for the U.S. Department of State’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance (ATA) program in Indonesia, Jordan and Afghanistan. In 2013, again in support of the ATA program, FRTC developed and delivered a Local Guard Force Check Point Security course to the Iraqi Ministry of Justice Federal Police in Baghdad. Fully committed to supporting our nation’s fight against terrorism, FRTC recently developed Programs of Instruction (POI) for the ATA program in Protection of National Leadership, Protection of National Leadership Advance Agent, and Post Blast Investigation.

PSD with Hannah

A major US security provider chose FRTC to provide High Threat Personal Security Detail (PSD) training to 40 new operators deployed to Iraq providing security services in support of their contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Iraq.  During a two-week training block the 40 Private Military Contractors (PMCs) were provided training in the use of force, firearms, motorcade operations, and reaction to contact.

FRTC was selected by the U.S. Army to train 35 new EMT-B’s at Fort Richardson, Alaska.  All 35 students passed their EMT-B certification. FRTC recently trained 600 members of the Washington National Guard in Combat Lifesaver (CLS) prior to their upcoming deployment to Iraq.

Hum-shooterOur Tactical Life Saver (TLS) training is modeled after the military CLS program, and is a mainstay of our medical training programs delivered to numerous law enforcement officers (LEO) in the U.S. TLS gives the LEO the skills to administer self-care, buddy-care, and humanitarian aid at critical incident scenes. Our Tactical Emergency Medic (TEMS) program teaches medical professionals the skills necessary to deliver medicine in the tactical en- vironment. Through our instructors, we have the real world experience to deliver the best training and the greatest impact for your training dollar. Our Mobile Training Team concept brings instructors and the gear necessary to deliver the training to your location.

The values that have set us apart over the past decade continue to guide our company in leading with integrity and excellence. We are strongly committed to diversity, recognizing that our success depends on bringing together a wide range of perspectives, skills and experiences to find the most innovative, cost-effective solutions for our customers.

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